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Thank You

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for hanging around and waiting for us. We had no idea that our hiatus was going to be quite this long. *sheepish* RL and writer's block kept hitting until it's been months longer than we'd originally intended to be away.

However, we're in the process of regrouping and getting RL settled down enough so that we can start the next chapter of clever_mischief! We are very sorry for it taking us so long, and we really appreciate you having patience with us. Our goal, barring any major events, is to have a new chapter posted by early next month and then to post far more regularly! We have NOT abandoned this story as Hermione, Fred, and George would definitely not allow that to happen! So, we're glad to see a few of y'all hung around, and we hope the wait is worth it once we start posting again! ♥

Thanks again!

Rose & Inell
HP- Clever Mischief: A Rose & Inell fic

A note from the authors: Hiatus of the fun kind

Hi everyone! We just wanted to let you know that we're taking a brief hiatus, but for a good reason! We, along with florahart and thescarletwoman, are hard at work on a brand new RPG that we're REALLY excited about! Once we've got things going there, we promise we will be back to work on the next installment here! We hope to have a new chapter ready to go in a few weeks :D

And if you're interested, this is our new project:

Stoatshead Hill: A new post-war Harry Potter RPG

In the year 2004, the drawn out battle to rid the world of Voldemort is finally over and it's time to rebuild. Voldemort and his minions have taken out every Wizarding institution, from the Ministry, St. Mungo's, and Diagon Alley to Gringott's, Hogsmeade, and Hogwarts. With none of the familiar places to gather, the Wizarding populace has carved out a new haven for themselves in and around Ottery St. Catchpole and Stoatshead Hill, an area abandoned by Muggles during the war.

Everything old is gone, and now it is time for the witches and wizards of Britain to rebuild their world, brick by brick.

This is an RPG with a ton of room for creativity and character development. Many years have passed since the events of HBP, and characters may have married, divorced, had children, been turned into werewolves, changed allegiances, followed divergent career paths, and much more. Building from the ground up will mean developing new laws and new institutions in character, in-game. If you're interested in a plotty, adult RPG with all sorts of possibilities for character interactions in a new world that needs to be started from scratch after Voldemort's demise, please apply!

Rules & Info | FAQ | Character List | Application Form

Please email applications or question to: SHH MODS

Game Community: stoatshead_hill | Watcher Community: shh_watchers

Writing: Quill & Ink
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Clever Mischief Chapter 22: A Proposal

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for sticking with us during our impromptu hiatus. We're sorry it's taken so long to update- due to RL pressures, we've barely been online at the same time to be able to write properly. It looks like this has been solved and we're now right back on track!

Inell & Rose

Title: Clever Mischief 22: A Proposal
Date: Saturday, October 9, 2005
Location: Double Trouble
Characters: Fred, George, Hermione
Rating: Any Age

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HP- Clever Mischief: A Rose & Inell fic

Apologies on the lateness

*waves* Hello everyone :) Just wanted to apologize for the delay in the next installment. It's coming your way soon, but RL has been intruding terribly! Rose is being eaten alive by her term papers and Inell is enjoying England right now (lucky girl!) Thanks so much for reading along with us! We'll have an update shortly :D