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Clever Mischief Chapter 13: Distracted

Clever Mischief, Chapter 13: Distracted
Date: Sunday, September 18, 2005
Location: Hogwarts
Character: Hermione
Rating: Any Age

This was ridiculous.

Hermione could make a list of every reason why she should not be thinking about Fred Weasley in the way her mind seemed determined to think of him. Well, she actually had been making a mental list since he walked away from her yesterday in Hogsmeade but that was beside the point. She could actually write them all down and have several inches of parchment easily. True, that list might have to include every single freckle listed individually but it was still a long list.

It was annoying that she had spent so much time with her mind on Fred and what hadn’t happened yesterday. Furthermore, it was unproductive to spend her spare time in the evenings thinking about her recent meetings with Fred and George in a way that was not at all beneficial to her mental health. Her books had recently remained open in her lap as she scratched Mrs. Norris behind her ears and thought about feelings buried long ago.

The most important thing that she needed to remember was that she was far too old be infatuated with a handsome man, especially a mischievous redhead that she had fancied years ago for a brief time.

Unfortunately, spending her time thinking of reasons why she shouldn’t be thinking about Fred simply resulted in hours passed with him as her focus of concentration. The list of reasons why it was okay to think about Fred Weasley was possibly longer than the reasons why it was just a bad idea, which was rather infuriating.

She should have kissed him yesterday.

When they were standing in the bookstore and he was leaning over her, she should have leaned up and kissed him. That would have solved her current problem because she’d have been stinging from his rejection and that bloody parchment would have been longer than her Transfiguration essay she’d turned in for third year that had Minerva muttering under her breath that she needed to learn how to say what she wanted in fewer words. After all, if he’d even thought about kissing her at some point, yesterday was the perfect opportunity. She could even have blamed it on clumsiness if he was so outraged or disgusted at the kiss that things became really awkward.

The shower was becoming cooler and she hadn’t even washed her hair yet. Another reason to add to that list, she decided with a frown as she picked up her new shampoo. Reason number 15: Distracts you until the hot water is gone. She flicked the tab on her shampoo and inhaled the scent of mint. She blushed slightly at the knowledge of why this particular shampoo had caught her attention while she and Seamus had been shopping in Diagon Alley yesterday afternoon.

The aroma was light and fresh as she poured a bit into her hand. She lathered and then began to work it into her thick hair, closing her eyes as she just enjoyed the familiar scent. Once her hair was washed, she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She dried off and then looked in the mirror, her gaze moving over her nude body and lingering here and there before she looked away.

It didn’t matter if she was attracted to Fred or even if he might ever possibly reciprocate the feelings. When it all came down to it, he’d never want her in that way so it was pointless to continue examining one moment at the bookstore that had probably just been her imagination. He hadn’t seemed fazed at all and certainly hadn’t given any indication that he’d even thought about kissing her. It may have been many years since someone had given her that sort of look but Hermione was pretty certain she’d remember it.

Before she allowed herself to become melancholy over something as silly as what appeared to be a renewed unrequited crush on Fred Weasley, she pulled her robe on and tightened the belt. She got her brush and walked back to the mirror. Her hair was a bit of a mess after being washed, sticking up in several directions from where she’d worked to get the shampoo out and very close to resembling the bird’s nest Ron so often compared it to. She made a face at herself in the mirror and then set to work.

A short time later, it was brushed and somewhat under control; well, as much control as she normally managed without potions or charms she didn’t bother with unless it was a very special occasion. She put her brush away and continued with her morning ritual. She picked up a bottle and rubbed lotion on her legs, arm and chest. She brushed her teeth last and then went back into her room.

It didn’t take her long to get dressed. Sensible white cotton briefs, practical brassiere also in white cotton with just a hint of lace, dark blue shirt with sleeves that ended just past her wrists, and a pair of faded blue jeans was her customary ‘staying at school’ weekend attire. She slipped on track shoes and then put on a robe over her casual clothing just in case she ran into any students on her way to the library.

Today, she planned to get some of her paperwork done for the upcoming week, have mid-afternoon tea with Kingsley, and then go visit Neville while he sat in the Greenhouse. There was quite a bit to keep her busy so she should have no problem at all in not thinking about Fred Weasley.

The walk to the library was rather uneventful. She was nearly there when she noticed a student with yellow feathers and bit her lip to keep from laughing when he flopped his arms around and pretended to fly for his amused friends. Hearing laughter in the halls of Hogwarts was worth accepting the pranks that she knew the twins would ensure were harmless fun.

Her intentions to focus on work didn’t seem to go very well. After two hours, her parchment was covered in ink spots from where she’d drifted into thought and let her quill drip and she had spent more time thinking about freckles on a firm belly than getting ahead for the week. It was rather frustrating because she wasn’t used to this sort of thing. She didn’t allow these sorts of things to distract her. Not even when she’d had brief infatuations in the past had she been this preoccupied.

She finally just gave up for the time being. It was Sunday, thankfully, so she didn’t really have to get any work done. Maybe a cup of tea with Kingsley would clear her mind of things she shouldn’t be thinking about. Then she’d go check on Neville, maybe take a book and spend some time in the greenhouse with him. If Kingsley was bored enough, he’d probably go with her and play chess with Neville while she read.

With that thought in mind, she tossed the ruined parchment into the rubbish, put away her quill and ink, and straightened her desk. The book she had bought yesterday was in her room, which was on the way down to Kingsley’s suite, so she’d just stop on the way. A cup of tea, her friends, and a good book. Surely that was enough to keep her mind off red hair, freckles, and mischievous smiles.

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